O&N identifies our values: passion and love for what we do. We care about our customers’ homes. Our brand means guaranteed control and quality on our products.

The O&N Group develops and innovates home textiles with passion and professionalism. This development is possible thanks to the «O&N» work style and to an effective process organisation. Expertise, integrity and commitment create loyal customers and partners.


We offer our customers flexible and fast services. We establish long-term relationships based on expertise, commitment and honesty, contributing to their success in a tangible way.



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What we do

Specialised in home textiles, we use our experience and knowledge to create products that adapt to the customer’s specific needs. We carry out permanent and continuous operations for large-scale retail trade, we create customised seasonal collections accompanied by promotional, communication and marketing activities.

Private Lable

The mastery of industrial know-how in the textile sector, from spinning to product packaging, combined with effective market analysis, allows us to help develop customised Private Labels.
The technical requirements and product specifications are formalised in documents that will be complied with during production and for the delivery of the products. Each year, to ensure compliance with the expected quality, O&N performs more than 10,000 internal and external quality tests and checks on private brands.

O&N production sites meet high standards in terms of social responsibility and have the required certifications. The factories use the latest technologies and machinery, allowing for a wide range of possibilities. In particular, we have a significant production capacity of jacquard looms in Pakistan.

O&N sites

O&N spa – Italy

• Nonantola

• Cuneo


O&N sarl – France

• Nice


O&N Fashome – India

• New Dehli

• Cochin


O&N Rustam – Pakistan

• Lahore


Dew Drop – China

• Shanghai


For all product ranges offered, we are committed to guaranteeing the best product in terms of quality, in accordance with the customer’s expectations and with our market research, offering display facilities suitable for the space available and the commercial potential of the store.

We will also monitor the progress of the operation:

planogram tailored to the customer and store potential; suggestions for changes to optimise profitability; merchandising;
profitability and turnover studies per square metre, per linear metre, per product…

We provide all logistics, preparation and delivery services to factories, warehouses or stores all over Europe.


We respond quickly to requests for specific operations because we constantly analyse market trends and we are able to offer a completely customised service.

We find products at the right price offering specific marketing operations and customised operation management.

We have a powerful supply capacity and, thanks to good organisation within our company, we are able to produce “ready-to-sell” concepts.

The marketing and design department identifies current trends and turns them into customised concepts; to improve communication between the product and the customer we use decorative panels and/or mini information screens in the store.

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